Women Empowerment

18th Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit - Riyadh

“When You've Reached the Top, Send the Elevator Back Down for Others"

I was honored to be invited to an Exclusive, Women Empowerment, Female-Only Breakfast, co-hosted by  Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits and Silvina Moschini of Unicorn Hunters: https://unicornhunters.com

Thank you for being beacons of light. We shared our stories, elevated each other, and celebrated each success story. I valued the spirit of the event. It doesn't matter where you are in your career or business. Make sure you can still hear the voices of people who are waiting for the chance to be invited up.

These three exceptional Women show that The Future Is Female beyond borders and boundaries. They are history makers and glass ceiling breakers. They dare greatly and lead boldly.

Photo from the left:

▶︎Dr. Reem Al Torki
  • Head of Strategic Development, Westfield Saudi & Chief Investment. 
  • Acquisition Officer, Global Education Consultancy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Board member at Sir Anthony’s Global Family Office Investments Summits.
▶︎Silvina Moschini
  • Female-tech leader, the first Latin American woman to lead a unicorn, when her company reached a valuation of $1 billion in 2020. 
  • As founder and CEO of SheWorks!, Silvina helps thousands of companies scale globally with talent while empowering women to find jobs in the digital marketplace. 
  • Her amazing TV show, Unicorn Hunters, is a new way to invest and a new genre: Enrichtainment, combining entertainment with the wealth-growth potential for individual investors and founders.
▶︎Rosie Rio
  • Former 43rd Treasurer of the US Department of the Treasury. 
  • She left her mark on both the history books and U.S. currency as the First Lady to have her signature on USA banknotes. Her signature appears on a record $1.7 trillion in circulation worldwide.
  • She led the effort to place a portrait of a woman on the front of U.S. currency for the first time in over a century.
  • In 2020, Rios was named one of the “Women of the Century” by USA Today. 

How can you better support the next generation of women leaders who may be in a position that you were once in?

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