VIP Speaker Monaco Investment Summit 2022

VIP Speaker Monaco Investment Summit Global Family Office Investment Summit - Monaco

I Believe in the Power of “Doing Well by Doing Good”

What I care about is an investment that leaves a legacy for the community to share and an impact that lasts in our absence.
There are so many issues, and we can't solve all of the world’s problems. But the cost of doing nothing and staying quiet is far worse. We can look at what value we can offer the community through our capacity and resources. I see this as a collective action in which we take part that aligns with our businesses. As a voice in the global investment community, I approach business relationships with a sense of purpose. With every investment opportunity, I ask myself, WHAT IMPACT DOES IT MAKE ON THE COMMUNITY?

  • ECONOMIC VALUE meets SOCIAL VALUE: I believe Innovation, Social, and Environmental Impact, with the right Financial components that offer a financial return, can make us successful and do good in the world at the same time--where Sustainable Investment, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Growth meet Sustainable Profit.

  • PURPOSE meets PROFITS: Finding that successful bottom line does not have to conflict with supporting social responsibility -- they are connected to one another. The more that profit and social responsibility are aligned, the more companies have an interest in creating social value

  • At the heart of my entrepreneurship, there is a set of values that I believe in and have been carrying throughout my journey. I treat them with respect. They give me a clear vision of what does and does not offer a better solution and create value. They help me make decisions of impact versus money.

At the heart of my investment approach, “Doing Well by Doing Good” has become a catalyst for the growth of my company. I see my role in the community and my company as very much interconnected. I look for companies that have social aspirations, commercial benchmarks, and a people-centered corporate strategy.

Honored to share a stage with prestige panelists: (Photo from the left)
​​​​​​​*Rosemary Saga, Chief Investment Officer, Kingdon Foundation, USA
*H.E. Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez, President of the Private Council of H.H. Prince Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf, Switzerland
*Her Ladyship Cristina Jarero Penichet, Lady of Tejada, Founder & CEO, Jarpen Global, USA
*Christopher Aw, Investment Director, Alpha Square Family Office, USA
Special Thanks: Sir Anthony Ritossa and the Ritossa Global Family Office team
​​​​​​​Event: 19th Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit, Monaco

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