Eureka Valley & Dolores Heights

Welcome to Eureka Valley & Dolores Heights

Eureka Valley is a neighborhood in San Francisco, primarily a quiet residential neighborhood but boasting one of the most visited sub-neighborhoods in the city, The Castro. The Castro is well known as a lively, primarily gay district in San Francisco. The Castro is not actually a district, but rather the centerpiece that ties together neighborhoods such as Duboce Triangle, Eureka Valley, Noe Valley, Twin Peaks, and Corona Heights. Castro District properties offer access to some of the most colorful and vibrant settings in the city. The area has a number of shops and cafes and boasts a great sense of community. In October, the Castro Street Fair and Halloween celebration welcome all and give the neighborhood a chance to show off its fun, flamboyant culture.
Dolores Heights is a hilly neighborhood named after the eponymous hill within the neighborhood. It borders the Castro to the north, Dolores Park to the east, Noe Valley to the south, and Upper Market to the west. Many streets within Dolores Heights are dead-end cul de sacs connected by steep staircases with beautiful views. As a result, the area has become a favorite for morning boot camps. It is an affluent and quiet neighborhood with a mixture of Victorians, apartment buildings, and detached houses. Benefiting from Twin Peaks blocking the strong winds and fog found almost year-round in San Francisco, Dolores Heights remains relatively warm, sunny, and fog-free.

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