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Heart Energy is the Currency for a Better Future.


Heart energy is my superpower, which guides me to identify who is working from their heart vs who is working from their head. Heart energy is where my Purpose, Passion, and Peace reside.


Love for Planet Earth: for Animals, People, the Community I Serve, the Environment, Trees, Air, Oceans, and more.

My mission is to focus on what can be achieved through trade, investment, finance, and technology as vehicles for inclusive and sustainable development that help the planet and drive value within the investment community.


  • OPEN awareness to “Green Windows of Opportunity”
  • DISCUSS with more voices who share similar perspectives in the transformative movement
  • ADVOCATE for green technology, ESG, zero-emission, renewable energy, sustainability, and resilient infrastructure
  • BECOME a Healing Task Force for the planet


We live on an imbalanced planet. The most pressing global challenge of our time is the health of our planet. Symptoms like toxic air, floods, and wildfires are fundamental to our lives where we live, work, and play.

Not every policy idea is suited for all, nor should every piece of it be scrapped. Many talk BIG, but unfortunately are often being used as political PR tactics, and have yet to put real money behind those efforts or struggle to match their words with action.

We rely on governments and organizations to deal with the magnitude and complexity of Sustainable Development: G20, Paris Agreement, UN Climate Change COP, etc. At the same time, Business and Finance engage in “Impact Investing” strategies to generate bottom-line.

BUT no public or private party alone can systematically generate great solutions and returns. You must allow each others’ powers into your partnership. When you share power, you create something much larger than either of you could otherwise do. I believe that partnerships, collaborations, closer cooperation with the private sector, public policy, civil society, and individuals are vital to achieving the same goal. All must play specific roles to shape a better future where the planet is healed and the world is transformed.


Would you choose to accept FEAR in your FUTURE living with Catastrophic Weather, Hazardous Air, Floods, Wildfires, Droughts, where there will be problems like Food and Water Insecurity, Marine Ecosystem Collapse, Wildlife Extinction, more people dying, etc.


Would you choose LOVE NOW to make the tough decisions to heal the planet so that our future is healthier, saving countless lives and billions of dollars in expenses. Success is possible because science, tech, and innovation offer pathways to solutions.

CHOOSE LOVE, Love the planet NOW. Let’s heal our planet, Invest in a more sustainable future together!


Interviewed by CEO Magazine, Inspiring the Business World

Location: Dubai, UAE

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